The beginning of love

Burning Man, 2014.

As the sun started to rise, I realized I had been dancing all night. I had never done that before, nor had I listened to music that long. Ever.

Something had changed in me, and is still changing. That was the beginning of the journey that led me to many experiences since then, experiences that have convinced me that art is the beginning of an answer—a conversation–about what it means to be human on Spaceship Earth.

ASL ❤️is us Deaf folk reclaiming sound and music.

ASL ❤️is about language and poetry in motion, American Sign Language, ASL!

ASL ❤️is moving our bodies and hands in rhythms.

ASL ❤️is using light, sound, and vibration to move your soul!

We welcome you on joining us in this journey, and together we discover and explore what makes us human.

Our first event will be in San Francisco on October 27! ASL ❤️will fund 4 artists to create something specifically for the event, and will be bringing together our community to celebrate art and create new sensory experiences!

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